Request to distribute article (應扎西卓瑪仁波且的請求,現轉發她拜見旺扎上尊的紀實)

*****  中文翻譯在後  ***** ———- Forwarded message ———- From: Zhuoma Zhaxi <> Date: Sat, Feb 6, 2016 at 5:32 PM Subject: Request to distribute article To: The International Buddhism Sangha Association: I was most fortunate to have a chance to pay my respects to the noble Wang Zha Shang Zun and receive a most wonderful teaching from him. Because of his great compassion and mercy in giving me his wisdom concerning an important dharma matter, I now have a deeper understanding and appreciation for the dharma that I practice and my cultivation. I would like to share this truth with others. I have already distributed the attached article that I wrote about this event to the readers of the Holy Vajrasana Temple’s Newsletter and to my students whom I could reach by email or WeChat.  I would like to request that IBSA further distribute the attached to their extensive mailing list so that even more people can share the good news and benefit and let more people know the greatness and inconceivable virtue of Wang Zha Shang Zun. Of course, I am not capable of using words to express the supremacy of H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III, who is both Wang Zha Shang Zun’s and my master. The most holy Wang Zha Shang Zun is truly great. His profound wisdom, humility, and kindness serve as an example for us all!  Amitabha! Many blessings to all for the coming New Year, Zhaxi Zhuoma.       國際佛教僧尼總會: 我特別幸運地得到了一個拜見高貴的旺扎上尊的機會並受到他的極好的教導,由於他在關於一個重要的法事上給予我他的智慧時的大悲和憐憫,我現在對我修持的佛法有了更深的理解和感激。我想把這事實與他人分享,我已經把我寫的關於此事的文章(見附件)發給我能用電子郵件和微信聯繫的金剛寶座寺通訊的讀者們和我的學生們。我想要請求國際佛教僧尼總會將附件進一步用其範圍更廣泛的通訊錄發佈以使更多人能分享這好消息和獲益並讓更多人知道旺扎上尊的偉大和不可思議的德品。當然,我的能力不足以用言詞來表達旺扎上尊和我的師父南無第三世多杰羌佛的至高無上。 極其偉大的旺扎上尊真是了不起,他的深奧的智慧、謙遜和善良為我們所有人作出了榜樣!阿彌陀佛! 值此新年之際,在此給大家帶上我的許多祝福,扎西卓瑪   ————————————————————- ————————————————————-   This February Newsletter of the Holy Vajrasana Temple & Retreat Center is devoted entirely to Abbot Zhaxi Zhuoma Rinpoche’s personal opportunity to pay respect to Wang Zha Shang Zun after she participated in the Jin Gang Fa Man Ze Jue Dharma Assembly and the precious dharma that she received as a result of that meeting. Because of its importance to both Chinese and English-speaking disciples, this Newsletter will be provided in both English and Chinese.   To my disciples and other friends of the Xuanfa Institute:   Since the United International World Buddhism Association Headquarters (UIWBAH) article recently appeared concerning the September Jin Gang Fa Man Ze Jue Dharma Assembly, many of you have asked me what the most excellent and great holy Wang Zha Shang Zun is like. In addition to successfully conducting this amazing and very high level ceremony to determine who was and who was not an authentic incarnation of a Buddha, he is a most impressive and powerful elder man who is worthy of our respect. I have met many dharma kings of different sects, but no one is like Wang Zha Shang Zun. His power and virtue surpass all of them.   After the ceremony, I had the extreme good fortune to meet an attendant of his who speaks English and requested to prostrate to the Shang Zun, which to my surprise, was granted. It is very difficult to meet him. The Assistant told me that, to date, probably less than 100 閱讀更多 →

聯合國際世界佛教總部諮詢回覆 (第20160101號)

聯合國際世界佛教總部諮詢回覆 (第20160101號) 聯合國際世界佛教總部收到佛弟子來信,原文提問:   答覆以上的提問: 第一、聯合國際世界佛教總部本不該為之解答這些問題。 第二、因為這是個很簡單的問題,只要是認真聽聞南無第三世多杰羌佛所說法音的人,本身就所獲解答。 原因是南無第三世多杰羌佛法音和辦公室的公告都清清楚楚有準確的依據答案,就拿128條知見來鑑別上師就能一目了然,鑑別出真假正邪,還需要什麼答案呢?如果還不清楚的話,就請直接見證他的師資袍裝是幾段幾釦,這是做不了假的。至於是否退道,那更不用解釋,袍裝會為你說話。是聖是凡不是憑個人冒稱的,是必須要經七聖十師嚴格考試印證,得出結果後發給證書和段位袍裝。 至於佛菩薩的目的是為了利益眾生、渡脫眾生,除此之外,沒有爭權奪利、為了個人的私利拉幫結派,因為學佛不是做生意,為自己賺勢力,而是希望眾生學的更好,只有幫助他人。一個好的上師不可以去挖已經在學習正法的人,而應該化育那些還沒有學佛修行的人,除非某人看出他的上師不如法,要另處求學,這是才應該接受善導。修行人確實不能跟違背128條知見的所謂上師學,要選擇良好的上師學。行人能找到一位佛菩薩級的上師,是每一位良師都會為學人高興的事情,凡是好的上師都是為他人的利益著想,怎樣能利益眾生就怎樣做,我們應該從內心生起為他祝福。 但切記不要忘了,要以聽聞南無第三世多杰羌佛的法音為學佛的指南,除此,其他上師所說的話,只要不符合南無羌佛的教導都是錯誤的。旺扎上尊說:「千萬不要聽非真正大聖德講的所謂開示,這一次來自西藏、中國漢地、印度、尼泊爾、錫金、不丹、台灣等地的法王、活佛、上師、法師們,考筆試百題的答卷,我只能說,根本沒有資格講法,完全不具講開示的學識。徹底說明了如果同意這些人說法,只有四個字『誤害眾生』。」最後再次提醒佛教徒,認真聽聞南無第三世多杰羌佛的法音,才是真正的正道。   聯合國際世界佛教總部 2016年2月4日

Who Is His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III?

by Steven Meyers Five Key Points about the Buddhist Spiritual Leader Buddhism is among the largest religions in this world. The original founder of Buddhism and the religion’s highest spiritual leader in the universe is Dorje Chang Buddha. He is worshiped by all major sects and schools of Buddhism as the earliest primordial Buddha. Buddhists belong to a religious belief that understands the universe’s nature of no-birth and no-annihilation and human beings’ original nature of true such-ness are one and the same. They believe in the cycle of transmigration driven by the law of cause and effect. They believe that after one’s biological death, the spirit or soul will incarnate and be reborn into a new being. In the case of the primordial Buddha, He has now incarnated to this world for the third time as His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III. The highest spiritual leader in Buddhism alive today currently lives in the United States of America. His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III is not one who seeks publicity. Even when awarded the Presidential Gold Award, the Dr. Martin Luther King Legacy Award for International Service and Leadership, and many other prestigious prizes, He did not attend the award ceremonies to receive the prizes in person. He is well known for loving-kindness and compassion, and has made a vow of only helping others and never accepting any offerings from anyone. However, His accomplishments and accolades are widely-reported. The following are five of the most interesting things that you may not have known about His Holiness the Buddha: International Buddhism Sangha Association 1. Buddhism classifies all material and spiritual matters and knowledge in the universe into five aspects. Complete mastery of these five aspects is called having realized the Five Vidyas (vidya is a Sanskrit word meaning brightness). Buddhas and Bodhisattvas must possess the Five Vidyas. The Five Vidyas include: the Vidya of Casuality, the Vidya of Healing, the Vidya of Sound, the Vidya of Craftsmanship, and the Vidya of Inner Realization. Looking through the entire history of Buddhism, His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III is the first holy one to perfectly manifest real accomplishments in the Five Vidyas, meeting the highest standard of Buddhism. For this reason and more, His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III is the one and only individual in history to receive recognitions and corroborating recognitions from over 60 of the highest present-day dharma kings and regent dharma kings from various Buddhist sects. 2. His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III was awarded the Top Honor Prize during the World Peace Prize Ceremony at the U.S. Capitol on June 14, 2011. The World Peace Prize is an initiative to promote world peace and understanding between different nations, ethnicities, cultures and religions.His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III was recognized for receiving this Top Honor Prize by the 112th Congress in U.S. Senate Res. 614, commending His Holiness the Buddha for his role in advancing peace, justice and inter-religious collaboration. 3. His Holiness Dorje Chang Buddha III has long been 閱讀更多 →