Great Accomplishment Is Attained Only Through Selflessness



Artist:H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III (H.H.第三世多杰羌佛)

This work of calligraphy is in the steel brush-tip technique.  There is a striking steely, powerful calligraphic style to this work entitled  “Great Accomplishment Is Attained Only Through Selflessness.  ” It conveys a sense of utmost firmness, like that of iron or steel.


There  is profound meaning to the sentence “Great accomplishment is attained only through selflessness. ”  As human beings living in this world, we must first let go of  “self.”  Day and night we should stay far away from selfishness and should derive our happiness from benefiting others.  When attachment to the concept of self is absent in our thoughts, we becom free of selfishness and greed.  Our minds becom bright, clear and free of impediments.  We then consider the interests of others and are naturally respected by others.  Consequently, we are physically and mentally at ease and are happy.  Through this natural process, one can successfully refine one’s state of mind to be broad, elevated, and pure until one eventually attains the complete elimination of all defilements.




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