Going to a Faraway School in the Mountains

Artist: H.H. Dorje Chang Buddha III

Style: Banqi


摘自:International Art Museum of America


This painting is in the “Banqi” style. It portrays children who live in a mountain area going to school. Children who live in mountain areas go to school on foot. Day after day, they cross over mountains and ravines on their way to and from school where they study diligently. They face many more difficulties than do city children. Therefore, they should all the more treasure their opportunities and exert themselves in the pursuit of knowledge so that they can become talented persons who benefit others!
The technique applied in this painting is very unusual. Artistic appeal can be seen everywhere in this brushwork. Even tiny touches of the brush contain a charm born of dense and light hues of ink and color. However, out of vigorous, bold, and seasoned brushwork, the effect of a picture made from an engraved plate is produced. Every brush stroke displays the traditional style of stone seals. An interesting look is also revealed where brush strokes sometimes break and continue.


The “Banqi” style
Such paintings appear to be in the style of those imprinted from engraved plates, but they also manifest the flair of the brush. Deep within them is an inexhaustibly enchanting quality that is both natural and lively. They are ink-wash paintings, not paintings imprinted from engraved plates.

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